the viking dragon encyclopedia

"Everything we know about evry dragon we know of."

- Gobber the Belch


Dragon ClassificationsEdit

Stoker Class-Edit

Boulder Class-Edit

Sharp Class-Edit

Fear Class-Edit

Tidal Class-Edit

Mystery Class-Edit

Strike Class-Edit

Thunder DrumEdit

this reclusive dragon inhabits sea caves and dark tide pools when startled the thunderdrum produces a concusive sound that can kill a man at close range Exstreamly dangerous Kill on sight


this gigantic creature has razorsharp wings that can slice through full grown trees Exstreamly Dangerous Kill on sight


sprays scaulding water at its victim Exstreamly dangerous Kill on sight


even newly hatched dragons can spray acid Kill on sight

Deadly NadderEdit


Hideous ZipplebackEdit

The SkrillEdit


Whispering DeathEdit

Monsterous NightmareEdit

Exstreamly dangerous


Exstreanly dangerous

Terrible TerrorEdit


Speed unknown

Size unknown

The unholy offspring of lightning and

death itself Never engage this dragon

Your only chance

Hide and pray it does not find you

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